Monday, January 30, 2012

All the Food is Poison

This is a poem I wrote called "All the Food is Poison."

All the food is pasteurized
Processed, packaged, fortified
All the food is canned and frozen
All the food is maltodextrin
Mechanically separated
Ground and Formed
Reduced, Conditioned,
Refined and warmed
Factory farmed, hormone stuffed
Partially hydrogenated, patented, puffed
All the food is modified
Colored with carmine and yellow 5
T.G.S and T.B.H.Q.
Fructose, saccharin, and aspartame too
Corn syrup solids, sodium citrate
Whey protein concentrate

Gaur gum, xanthan gum, emulsifiers
Humectants and stabilizers
All the food is riboflavin
Artificial, synthetic and imitation
Mono-sodium glutamate
Manufactured on equipment that processes wheat

My poem takes its title from this clip from the Adult Swim show Tim and Eric, Awesome Show, Great Job.

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